Tips for Web Development

In today’s world, the designs of websites are rapidly changing and becoming advanced day-by-day. But every coming year brings a new style with several existing trends moving with us towards the next year while many others are left in the past.


If you are a web developer, then you need to be careful about your website. Obviously, you know all the tips and tricks to follow. But some general mistakes are made by many developers. There are seven tips, to guide you.

  1. Focus on Key elements - It generally happens that everything seems important, most of the people can’t find out what is important and what is not. This creates a big mess because everything seems essential. To make it clear, you need to prioritize what is important or not. If you wanted to make your website simpler then you need to focus and identify the key factors, and that leads to focus only on the essential elements.
  2. Get the content on about fold - You can accomplish something basic and short by applying a short header tallness on the off chance that you have a logo and route menu on the highest point of your site. It will be simple for the people to navigate the site.
  3. Make a simple website – Your website should be simple so that people can enjoy to browsing your website, your website must have an impressive presentation with simple browsing and rich features that make the visitor enjoyable.
  4. Make sure your profile are complete and up to date – You should use Google to let your business and your name search, search on the first two pages to see the social network rank. Jot them down, then visit the each profile and make your profile update, and check all the information is filled correctly. This needs to update your website information if you added something new, such as blogs.
  5. Optimize Load Time of website – You have to make sure that your website’s load time is low for the better performance. You must be careful about the graphics size, flash, scripts, HTML & script code.
  6. Make your site responsive – From the past few years use of tablets, smart phones have drastically increased. Everyone is looking for a website which is at the tap of a finger. People wanted to reach a site which is available on the handheld devices, like tablets and smart phones, so you need a responsive website to reach the people and get the traffic as much as you can with a simplified and attractive website.
  7. Find a Fast servers Web Hosting Company – There are so many web host companies, who speak with a sugar tinge to offer their services a huge storage, but you need to trust a company with a fast server speed, then you it may provide you satisfaction.

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