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Topical Optimization: Modern page Ranking Technique

Do you think keyword optimization can yield your business the desired level of profit and visuality. Well, things have changed with the latest Hummingbird update.Now, Google favours sites that offer effective content on relevant topics. Unlike the traditional method of keyword optimization, topical optimization focuses on promoting in-depth content about a given topic.

Keyword Optimization

It is the process of examining, researching and choosing the most suitable keywords for driving search engine traffic to your website.
The excessive keyword can hamper the smooth flow of text leading to poor user experience. Readers may not be able to assess the meaning of a sentence or even an entire paragraph because of the unnecessary presence of keywords.

Topical Optimization

Optimize for Topics Instead of SEO Keywords.It is the act of optimizing content with related keyword phrases websites. The content is relevant to the topic and aims at target visitors.This method leads more traffic to your site as compare to the keyword optimization.It is a solid content marketing strategy.

Differentiation between Topical and Keyword Optimization

Businesses want immediate optimization for each category of page on the website that characterizes the products. Mobile application development section, that would leave us with a few keywords for content fixated on our most-searched group of phrases.

This is where most search engine or website optimizers move on. They go from the mobile application category page to software category page to the Software quality assurance category page and so on. The more product lines offered on a website, the more important it is to move on so that each product line gets authority content optimized for search.

Topical optimization doesn’t mean you have to create a single page or post that covers everything that needs to be said on the topic. The strategy should focus on building the website out to control a topic with multiple pages and blog posts instead of optimizing your site for keywords and hoping to rank here and there.

Every single page or post should target a closely interrelated group of keywords,but all built around a slightly wider topic.This gives a website chance to influence a topic through multiple related pages, each focused on specific visitor intent that makes the website or company stand out in competition.

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